We are looking for a colleague for the following position:


The Little Stars School of Film and Television for Children puts the MANAGER MARKETING post at the contest.

TO TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION your CV, please send us at recrutarescoala@gmail.com, a personalized letter of intention by MAXIM ONE PAGE, containing, among other things, 3 paragraphs to describe PUNCTUAL and CONCRET: 1) your motivation to get this job, 2) what exactly determined you to apply following the posted announcement and / or from the information we have offered related to our activity, as well as 3) the benefits of the Little Stars School following your employment of this post.

We would like to point out that this job, besides other responsibilities, also involves direct contact with children aged 5 to 12.

If you want to get this job, we invite you to send us all the requests mentioned above as soon as possible because our recruitment process takes place simultaneously with the validity period of the announcement.


– Designing and managing together with the school team the marketing plan for two unique projects in Romania:

1) The first online double platform for parenting in Romania, club.micilevedete.ro (managing the site attached to the platform, managing the database with members enrolled on the platform, promoting YouTube campaigns in social networks of children’s videos and parent interviews also, newsletter management regularly sent to members of the platform, and other online marketing activities)

2) The Little Stars Film Club, which develops a network of subsidiaries (regional and local clubs) in schools across the country, and members (children aged 6 to 12) are actively involved in educational and cultural projects and also in children film competitions. They receive free movie screenings from the Adventures of Little Stars series.

– Improvement of the marketing plan and its management for the Film and TV School for Little Stars and for the series of children films with educational themes, which we regularly perform (including product placement contacting and other specific marketing activities)

– Conceiving, coordinating and promoting large-scale events, a reference standard in the world of children’s cinema – International Conference “Children Film, Non-Formal Education Instrument”, Premieres for Children Films with 300 to 500 people participate, Caravan of Little Stars Movies in Bucharest and country schools, with children’s films projection (permanent events with partners, where children’s film screenings take place for thousands of students of participating schools)


– Diverse and dynamic activity in unique and original projects at national and international level that brings concrete and visible benefits to children aged 5 to 12 years and their parents

– Combining office and field activities, as well as traveling in the country, in welcoming places, in schools and educational institutions, in very good traveling conditions

– Direct contact with international film industry specialists for children worldwide, in a multicultural space

– Very good working conditions, both at the office and at the courses where the courses are held

– Basic salary plus bonuses on projects

– Work phone

– Laptop

– Car

Activities with / and for children offer the greatest soul satisfaction and always bring positive energy


Mandatory specialized studies, including Master in Marketing, Advertising and / or Public Relations

Required minimum 3 years experience in Marketing, with priority in an advertising agency and / or a company targeting children and / or parents

Required minimum 1 year experience in Marketing Online (can be included in the 3 years of Marketing experience – we mean that from the minimum 3 years at least one year should have specific attributions specific to Online Marketing)

Mandatory driving license and driver experience for at least 3 years

Required knowledge of English advanced level, both written and spoken

Availability of travel in the country (most of them will be short trips, for film screenings in different cities in the country, in very good driving conditions. There is also the possibility of longer trips, but they will be well planned in advance)


Working passionate in the fields of cinema, education, culture, children, parenting

An advantage is a solid base of contacts in the field of companies that produce / distribute baby products and target children and / or parents

Work experience (even volunteering) in the field of ONG and / or European and international projects is an advantage

It is an advantage in marketing experience in one or more areas: advertising, cinema, PR, culture and education

The experience in fundraising for ONG (2% form, 20% form for companies, direct mailing, etc.) represents a plus

It is an advantage to know French at an advanced level, both written and spoken (in addition to the requirement for English)


– Supporting presentations about School and School’s projects in front of classrooms, teachers and parents

– Keeping contact and communicating permanently with the partners of the school (managers of partner companies and various institutions)

– Conceiving and writing presentations of events and other types of communication related to the project (social networking, site, etc.). These require good knowledge of PPT, Excel and other specific programs for writing presentations and organizing databases

– Drawing up of project / event / campaign reports


The School of Film and Television for Children “Little Stars” is an original, unique project with international dimensions, spread over two major fields: cinema and education for children. In the 7 years since its establishment, we have had remarkable results and we invite you to find out more on our website www.micilevedete.ro. The Little Stars School is the first School of Film and Television for Children in Romania dedicated exclusively to the age group of 5-12 years. In the 7 years of activity, thousands of children have been trained who play in well-known and award-winning films at major international festivals, in TV shows and advertisements and doubles in Romanian the most beloved TV series for children. Till now, the professional and dynamic team of the school has made 24 films for children, most of them with educational themes, 5 films have been selected and participated in the most prestigious film festival in the world, the Cannes Film Festival, In 2011, 2014, 2014 and 2015. The Little Stars School has hundreds of media appearances, has organized 12 premieres of children’s films (over 400 participants), international conferences on cinema and education. Also, we organized Children’s Caravan, in many schools in Bucharest and across the country and more than 20,000 children saw the Adventures of Little Stars series.