Ariana Pendiuc

General Manager

In 2010, only 24 years old, she became the youngest director in Romania, whose film was selected at the Cannes Film Festival, she presented the film “Magda” as a bachelor, the film having the world premiere at the festival.

Ariana Pendiuc graduated the Faculty of Cinematography and Television, Film and Television Direction Specialization at Media University, in the class of renowned professor Andrei Blaier, 2009 promotion. During the faculty, besides the study, she gained a directorial experience working on well-known films such as “Youth without Youth”, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, “The Dark is Rising,” directed by David Cunningham, or “Wind in the Willows,” directed by Rachel Tatalay.

In the seven years of Little Stars School, she directed 24 short and medium-sized films for children with educational themes.

Ariana Pendiuc is also a trainer for Filmmaking classes.

Ema Pendiuc

Programme Director

Ema Pendiuc is the producer of the short films “Magda”, “The Sign of Time”, “Little Stars in School”, “Little Stars in the Countryside”, “Little Stars Discover the Secret of the Magnets”, “Adventures of Little Stars in the Park” and “Homework Machine” that were selected at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2010-2015 in the Short Film Corner and Romanian Short Waves Sections. In addition, Ema has directed two ecological and educational films produced by the Little Stars School, “Little Stars live a healthy life” and “Aurora. Doctor of the Forest”.

Tamara Roman


Actress, artistic coordinator, acting and improvisation trainer. She has been a professor of Interpretation at Little Stars School since the begining – 7 years ago. She is an acting and improvisation trainer in the Mastermind and Barretstown camps, the “voice” of some well-known characters from children’s animated films or Disney Channel productions dubbed in Romanian.

Through games, children test their intelligence, perspicacity, skill, physical abilities, learn to communicate and be generous. Improvisation and communication games helps not only the child’s artistic development, but also increase self-confidence and overcome certain barriers.

Salex Iatma


Actor, writer and musician. He is the screenwriter of the last two children’s films of Little School, the Detectives series, and he was a professor at the “Little Stars” Summer School. He made the first step in the literary world at 18 years old, when he published at Humanitas the novel “There is no season outside”. During his studies, he played roles in hundreds of episodes in productions such as “Queen”, “Aniela”, “Love and Honor” with great actors such as Florin Zamfirescu, Dan Condurache, Gheorghe Dinica, Marin Moraru, Gheorghe Visu. In international cinema he joined Steven Segal in the film “Contract to Kill”. As a screenwriter he debuted in cinemas with the film “Tudo”, directed by Iura Luncasu.

Salex strongly believes that an ideal society is an empathic one. And acting means, first of all, empathy, which is the reason that he began to work in the formation of children and young people through theater.

Daniel Paraschiv

Film Technique

Journalist and TV and documentary producer, Daniel is a great storyteller and a true filmmaker. He made his first steps on television in 2001, and since then he has worked and collaborated with all departments, gaining a rich and complete experience. Daniel strongly believes that the future can’t exist in the absence of education. He knows that cinema and television are areas where the team work is a success, so he teaches children what it means respect for platter partners and team spirit.

Over the years, he has taught radio and TV broadcasting techniques to young journalists but also to children enrolled in various extra-curricular programs organized by the Health Messengers Association or the Center for Projects Educational and Sports Programs for Children and Youth, of the City Hall Bucharest. He brought good mood and smile on the faces of many children, and one of his favorite activities in shows is reading children stories.

Cristi Neacsu


Actor, voice over artist, vocal doubling actor: Leon (Violetta), Jonathan (Hotel Transilvania), Sughit, Blue (Rio), Jim (Troll Hunters), Crusoe (Robinson Crusoe) (Boxtrolls), etc.

Graduate the Arts Faculty at Hiperyon University, Maia Morgenstern’s class, Amalia Ciolan Assistant.

Collaborator of Masca Theater (Flaminio – “Love wearing love”, Deramo – “Deer King”, Brighella – “Comedians”) and George Bacovia-Bacau Theater (Biondello – “Shining the Shark”).

Communication is the path to establishing all relationships. The diction and the way you speak helps you to be convincing, determined, expressive and understanding. Because it is your business card, it has to be constantly worked and upgraded.

Children are the ones who will build the future, and we have to help them.

Mihaela Tolan

Film Technique

Graduated and licensed of Hyperion University in 2015 (Film and TV Direction, Alecu Croitoru), Mihaela Tolan is a creative person, an enthusiastic thread with a practical sense.

Mihaela began her career as a Video Producer on television and, over time, she made film and program promotions for Antena 1 and GSP TV, collaborated with U TV and Famous Production in making make-ups and Musical covers for different artists, and also produced video pieces for theater plays, thus gaining a complex experience.

Mihaela is convinced that the constructive connection between teacher and student is based on sincerity, respect, cooperation and friendship, considering that only in this way can both the young and the teacher evolve.

Domnica Cîrciumaru


Domnica Cîrciumaru is an International Casting Director with more than 13 years experience in film and television. She has worked for more than 60 Romanian and foreign films so far, having collaborations with international directors such as Claude Lelouch, Mick Davis, Joel Schumacher, Cristian Nemescu and others. In addition, she was casting director at MediaPro until 2014. Recently, Domnica Cîrciumaru has coordinated casting activities for TV productions such as “Las Fierbinti” (PRO TV) or “Shadows” (HBO).

Since 2014, Domnica leads the casting division of the Romanian Artists Agency.

Simona Marcu


Graduated and licensed of the UNATC, Scenography Section, Simona Marcu has signed the stage design for many theater and film productions, including “The Spacious” by Moliere, directed by Daniel Nitoi, “Amedeu or hard to get rid of him” by Eugen Ionescu, Directed by Claudiu Bleont or “The Twelfth Night” by Shakespeare, directed by Mihai Constantin, TV series “Daria, my love”, Acasa TV, short film “Aurora. Doctor of the Forest”, directed by Ema Pendiuc, as well as the ArCuB projects “Children’s Cismigiu” and “Creative Workshops for Children”.

Simona is fascinated and inspired by the creativity of the children, trying to stimulate it by originality, encouragement, information and much play.

“Through the scenography applied to their meaning, we manage to travel and create a part of the world of our favorite characters”.

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