“Little Stars” Summer School consists in a series of daily workshops, an intensive program of initiation in the world of film and television.

Children will participate in some various activities specially indented for their age, recreational, individual and group improvisation games in order to develop their creativity, imagination, focus, attention or ability to work in a team.

Structure of workshops: 5 days, Monday through Friday, each day with a certain theme. The workshops take place outdoor or in the classroom.

Period: 7-11 August (9-12 years)

Schedule: 9: 00-12: 30

Snack break: 20 minutes between 9: 00-12: 30

We recommend to have a sandwich for the break.


Address: Metropolitan Cultural Center, Poligrafiei Blvd., no 4, Inside ADP District no. 1, behind Casa Presei Libere, Bucharest.

The “Little Stars” Summer School Program:

August 7th – Filming technique

August 8th – Film Acting

August 9th – Screenwriting

August 10th – Filmmaking

August 11th – Scenography


Description of “Little Stars” Summer School Workshops:

The filming technique

The kids make exercises in front of the camera on the set, on various topics: news stories, advertisements, teleshopping, movie scenes.

Professional equipment is used: camera, tripod, lights, panels, microphone, screen (LCD) – to simulate a television studio.


The children learn the importance of decors and costumes in the film and, in addition, they make even their costumes and decorations! This workshop develops the child’s skills, imagination, the ability to transform abstract concepts into beautiful and useful objects.

Film Acting

Introduction to film acting technique and individual and team interpretation games. Students will do scenic motion exercises, motion coordination, concentration, memorization and gesture analysis.


Exercises for vocabulary development and structure of ideas, stimulation of imagination. Children will compose a story based on the rules for conceiving a film script.


Every child has the opportunity to be a screenwriter, director, operator or actor in a children’s improvised film scene in the workshop.