Movie and Television courses

Varsta participantilor

Participants age: 6 - 12 YEARS

Durata modulului

Module duration: 12 WEEKS

Perioada cursurilor

Period: September - December 2018

Frecventa cursurilor

Frequency: ONCE A WEEK, 1h30min

Semestrial Film and Television Courses for Children 6 – 12 Years

Film and television courses for children help children develop their spontaneity and aesthetic vision, self-control capacity as well as the ability to speak in public. Within a module, the courses are weekly, each week the children have a discipline that is complementary: Shooting Techniques (Beginners and Advanced), Interpretation (Beginners and Advanced) and Diction (for advanced groups only).


  • Stage motion exercises
  • Movement, concentration, memorization games
  • Improvisation and stimulation of imagination
  • Gestual analysis


  • Exercises in front of the camera
  • Professional equipment is used: camera, tripod, lights, panels, microphone, screen (LCD) – to simulate a TV studio
  • Techniques of motion, presentation and speech in front of the camera
  • Filming the exercises, designing them on a screen and analyzing them under the guidance of the teacher


  • Diction and breathing techniques

COURSE FINALITY: Beginners courses are completed with a TV Journal, where children have roles of news presenters, while at the end of advanced classes, children get roles in a medium-sized film.

Why acting courses for children?

A course of acting represents, most of all, a course of personal development. The children gain new communication abilities, self confidence and develop their attention, imagination, memory and personality

What does “Little Stars” school offer that other acting courses don’t?

– Simulation of film scenes and children’s TV programs using professional equipment
– Short length film (at the end of the course) thought out in accordance with the child’s age and personality
– Film and television courses in English and French
– Children’s participation in auditions for film and television
– Self development plan
– Modular packages
– Talent management

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