Varsta participantilor

Participants age: 7-13 years

Durata Workshop

Workshop Duration: 2h 30 min

Data Workshop

Workshop Date: October 2017

Locatie workshop

Workshop Location: Bulevardul Poligrafiei, nr 4, sector 1, Bucuresti

The casting workshop tackles the process of talent presentation in the most important stage of film / advertisement distribution, starting from the techniques of approaching actor’s play to the acquisition of all stages of character creation from various fiction films or commercials.

In conclusion, within the workshop, children will have the following points in the structure:

– addressing all the elements that would help the child naturally in the preparation and building of the character;

– techniques to address an audience relaxed;

– little tricks to have a successful audition.

In the end, children will have the satisfaction of approaching a character in a natural way with techniques that will help them further at the next auditions they will be asked for. An audition is similar to a hiring interview, the objective being to get a role in the distribution of the movie, spot, play, etc. A good audition is the only way to ensure a good image in the eyes of the casting director, the director, the producer.

Time range: 10: 30-13: 00

Trainer: Domnica Cîrciumaru

Minimum number of participants: 7 children

Maximum number of participants: 20 children

For subscriptions and information about the workshop costs, you can write us at or or contact us at 0726 487 723/0736 868 209.


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