The workshop is an initiation in the film world, an opportunity for participating children to get in touch with the camera, to speak at the microphone, and to get acquainted with a filming platform. Thus, in the first part of the workshop, the children will interact with each other in front of the camera and have the opportunity to improvise different scenes or situations, under the guidance of the trainer.

Children will participate in individual and group improvisation exercises designed to develop their creativity, imagination, focus, attention or teamwork skills.

The youngsters will be doing exercises in front of the camera on various topics such as news stories, advertisements, teleshopping, movie sequences / scenes where they will learn moving, presentation and speech techniques in front of the camera. Exercises will be filmed and projected on a screen, then analysed under the guidance of the teacher. Practically, they will learn to apply innovative ways of working on the recording platform with the help of modern technology. This is important in streamlining the process of creating a movie and could not be achieved until a few years ago.

The Film Workshops Trainers are:

Ariana Pendiuc is a film director and director of Little Stars School. In the six years of Little School, she directed 23 short and medium-sized films for children with educational themes. At just 24, she became the youngest director in Romania, whose film was selected at the Cannes Film Festival, presenting with his “Magda” bachelor film. In 2012, Ariana Pendiuc received from the jury a special prize as a director at the Dreamfest Film Festival, and a year later she received from the organizers of the same festival an “Award for the Children’s Film Training and Education Project”. Ariana graduated from the Faculty of Cinematography and Television, Film and Television Direction at the Media University, in the class of renowned professor Andrei Blaier, 2009 promotion.

Ema Pendiuc has a 10 year’s experience in television as a presenter, producer and producer of TV shows and shows. Started in 2005 with “The Start Line,” she was then a producer on the show “Forgive Me”, moderated the “Theme of the Day” show in the TVR1 Main TV Journal and the “Impact” show on TVR3. In 2010 changed her profile and switched to entertainment. The “Voice of the People” Voice (TVR3) and the presentation of folklore shows have brought it close to the hearts of traditional culture lovers. Since 2013 she has presented and performed the show “The Road of Success”, broadcast on TVR2 and TVR International.

She is the producer of short films and feature films that have been selected and participated in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival between 2010 and 2015.

In 2012 she was elected Vice President of the International Center for Children and Young People’s Film – CIFEJ, the world’s most prestigious association of children’s film industry professionals, set up by UNESCO in 1955. She participated as a jury member and President of the jury at numerous international film festivals for children around the world.

DATE WORKSHOPS: Saturday, 19 NOVEMBER (first part) and Sunday, 20 NOVEMBER (part two)


Saturday, 19 NOVEMBER (first part):

10.00 – 11.30 (PARTICIPANTS: 6-8 YEARS)

11.45 – 13.15 (PARTICIPANTS: 9-12 YEARS)

Sunday, 20 NOVEMBER (part two):

10.00 – 11.30 (PARTICIPANTS: 6-8 YEARS)

11.45 – 13.15 (PARTICIPANTS: 9-12 YEARS)

COST FOR THE 2 WORKSHOPS (Part One and Part Two): 180 RON


You can en roll at: or at 0736 868 209.





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