Little Stars discover the secret of magnets


22 min

Little Stars: Anisia Jecan, Sonya Dang, Cojocaru Theodora, Maria Alexandra Dedu, Alexia Dragan, Alexia Dobrea, Maria Clara Filip, Alessia Ilie, Carla Isache, Clara Marinescu, Alexia Neagu, Mara Palaghiciuc, Gabriela Petre, Alexia Procopovici, Ilinca Radoi, Maria Boanca, Adrina Enescu, Esther Godon, Nathalie Godon, Nicolae Iftimoaie, Andra Ilie, Cristiana Ion, Tudor Ion, Mahu Catinca, Andrei Mandea, Mara Moldovan, Monica Muresan, Razvan Olteanu, Bogdan Ioan Radu, Andrei Simionescu, Alexia Stanescu, The teacher: Ema Pendiuc

Director: Ariana Pendiuc, Director of Photography: Cosmin Croitoru, Scriptwriter: Alexandra M. Paun, Edited by: Dragos Dumistracel, Image operators: Cosmin Croitoru, Vlad Aneste, Sound engineer: Andi Arsenie, Scenography: Bianca Vesteman, Assistant director: Daria Chitimia, Production assistants: Adrian Stanculescu, Petrica-Iulian Cernea, Production coordinators: Raluca Cojocaru, Felicia Andrei, Producer: Ema Pendiuc

The film is the second episode of the new series of children films “Little Adventures”. Anisia, a girl who has fled home from the desire to escape the endless advice of her mother, returns to school, where she tries to go unnoticed for hours to get the croissant and milk. Unfortunately for her, she is held by the teacher and forced to stay at physics class. Failing to integrate into the classroom, where children laugh at her dirty clothes and limited knowledge of geography, Anisia begins to make her own experiments with magnets.

  • Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Corner and Romanian Short Waves, 2014
  • DaKINO International Film Festival, DaKIDS (Bucuresti), 2014
  • Kids Euro Festival, Washington D.C., SUA, 2014
  • DREAM FEST International Film Festival for Young People and Children (Slatina), 2013

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Little Stars School
District 1
Kiseleff boulevard, District 1
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