Little Stars School, the first School of Film and Television for Children in Romania, is launching on Thursday, October 27, at the Movieplex Cinema in Plaza Romania, the newest film for children, The Magician. This is the fifth episode of the much-loved Series with detectives. It will be a double premiere of both the film and the first online double parent platform for children and parents in Romania, called the Little Stars Club, Thus, the film “The Magician” becomes the first Romanian film for children available online.

The subject of the film is a savory and great interest for children. The magic blends with the suspect and a story that keeps you in the mouth. Detective (Matei Bugui, 10) and his assistant, Silviu (Silviu Ciuperca, 9), are ready to start a new adventure and meet in secret to get the details of the expedition. Their plan is overwhelmed by Alexia (Alexia Andrei) 10 years old and Erika (Erika Rantes, 9 years old) coming to organize a picnic. But a mysterious Magician appears in the scene, and our detectives are intrigued by a series of strange events that happen right under their eyes. They try to discover the cause and learn that everything is related to the fulfillment of a desire. The film will be available online at in November.

The film is directed by Ariana Pendiuc and produced by her sister, Ema Pendiuc, the founders of Little Stars School, who together with a team of young professionals have made the whole series of 6 episodes. All the adventure starts from “Theme Maker”, which gives the title of the first episode, a brilliant invention, stolen by a group of children. Andrei, a perspicuous boy who assists the Detective, resolves the case by discovering his detective skills. He is trained in the next episode, Detective School, at the Detective School’s Extraordinary School of Detectives. In the “Detective to Water” episode, Detective disappears, Andrei has a new case. Detective is found and takes over from Andrei, and in the fourth episode, “Mysteries of the Past”, helped by Silviu, passionate about the mystery elucidation, discovers the Car of Time that leads them 25 years ago. I manage to come back and prepare for a new adventure in the fifth episode, The Magician. Detectives are intrigued by the strange events that happen in the park with the advent of a mysterious magician and trying to find out what’s causing these happenings. The sixth episode of the series, Cursed Show, will be filmed in December this year.