The Little Stars follow the mysterious detectives in the film

At the end of last week, Little Stars School,, the first School of Film and Television for Children in Romania, brought smiles and joy to school graduates, parents, grandparents and their supporters. It has just released at Movieplex Cinema, in Plaza Romania, the newest film for children named “Tradarea”. This is the sixth episode of the much-loved “Series” with detectives. The event was a double premiere of both the film and the first play for children’s TV called “Hamster.”

“Tradarea” film enjoys an exceptional acting play from the four children who play the main characters but also from the Little Stars, with all the graduates of the school. It is a remarkable breakthrough they made all. 7 years ago, when we started this project, we did not think we’d ever reach that level. It is true that the five Cannes Film Festival participations have raised the top notch all over”, said Ariana Pendiuc and Ema Pendiuc, the two sisters who for the first time signed the film together.

The action of this episode takes place around a strange series of strange events that sabotage the stage performance of a theater show for years. Following an accident during the rehearsals, even on the scene of the show, Erica (Erika Rantes, 10) is injured. Detective assistant (Silviu Ciuperca, 10 years old) sends a weird self-image, and Detectivel (Matei Burgui, 11), the lead character of the series, is trying to find out the mystery behind this happening. Helped by Alexia (Alexia Andrei, 11), eternally in love with him, Detectivel starts investigating with his friends. Do the spirits sabotage the show, as the children think, or someone who has a serious reason to do it? Tradition and friendship are two things that kids will learn in this new film with an educational theme. The first 5 episodes of the detective series can be viewed online at The first online children’s educational platform for children, with educational themes – The Little Stars Club – is supported by Giusto Natura and Reinert-Martinel, two partners who have understood how important it is to invest in the education of our children. From the distribution of the film “Tradarea” is Mara Dinu, who plays the role of Daria Ciorba from the new series “Ai nostri”, which has been broadcast at PRO TV since the beginning of March.

At the same evening, for the first time, the first piece of Children’s TV, “Hamster”, launched by Little Stars School, which offers a real life lesson. The artistic direction is signed by Ema Pendiuc after a script by Salex Iatma.

The film and the premiere were supported by reliable partners: Gold Partners: Reserved, Napolact, Top Gel, Univer, RoStar; Educational Partners: Cultural Center Cultural Center, Town Hall 3, Town Hall 1, Town Hall 6; Strategic Partners: Movieplex Cinema, Plaza Romania, Ina Confectionery, Tymbark, Bucovina; Partners: Aquila, SCA – care of life, Zewa, Top Production, Solaris, Victor Production Advertising, Artist Party, KungFu Pizza, Ideas & More; Media Partners: Radio3net “Florian Pittis”, Children’s Cultural Agenda,,,,,,,,, Observatorcultural. ro,,,


The film “Tradition” is directed by Ariana Pendiuc and her sister, Ema Pendiuc, the founders of the Little Stars School, together with a team of young professionals have done the whole series of 6 episodes. All the adventure starts from “Masina de facut teme”, which gives the title of the first episode, a brilliant invention, stolen by a group of children. Andrei, a perspicuous boy who assists the Detective, resolves the case by discovering his detective skills. He is trained in the next episode, Detective School, at the Detective School’s Extraordinary School of Detectives. In the “Detectivel la apa” episode, Detective disappears, Andrei has a new case. Detective is found and takes over from Andrei, and in the fourth episode, “Misterele Trecutului”, helped by Silviu, passionate about the mystery elucidation, discovers the Car of Time that leads them 25 years ago. They manage to come back and prepare for a new adventure in the fifth episode, Magiciaul. Detectives are intrigued by the strange events that happen in the park with the advent of a mysterious magician and trying to find out what’s causing these happenings.

Children’s School and Television School “Little Stars” is a non-governmental educational project, unique in Romania, aimed exclusively at children between the ages of 6 and 12, offering development tools for personal development and emotional intelligence through three innovative, specially adapted and adapted children’s disciplines: Filming, Interpretation and Dictation for Children. 7 years after its foundation, the “Little Stars” School prides itself on a portfolio of 24 children’s films, most of them with educational themes, of which 5 were selected at the Cannes Film Festival (2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015), but also at other international festivals in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Little School is a member of the International Children’s and Youth Film Center – CIFEJ, founded by UNESCO.