Over 6000 students from 10 schools in Bucharest returned from the more smiling and healthier winter vacation. They had the opportunity to put into practice the notions learned between November and December 2016, when they participated in the 8th edition of the Little Vision Caravan. This educational project, supported by Napolact BIO, has managed to bring to children’s attention the importance of positive thinking and healthy eating everyday. In addition to discussions on topics such as friendship, healthy lifestyle, or the environment, students have watched the movie “The Lively Town,” which is part of the series of adventures for children, the Little Stars brand.

The main characters in the movie, two energetic girls, were appreciated and applauded. Roberta Mitache (10 years old) plays an exceptional role and enters the best of Aurora, a little girl decided to save his friend’s life. He is seriously ill because of the inappropriate food and pollution that destroyed the city where the children live. Dariana (Dariana Gavojdea, 9 years old), optimistic of yarn, is the Aurore’s hopeful help.

The 8th edition of The Small Visions Caravan is a project developed by the School of Film and Television for Children’s Little Ideas, alongside the Napolact BIO company, which provided students with BIO (yogurt, Eating with the teaspoon).

The Children’s Film and Television “Little Stars” School (www.micilevedete.ro) is a non-governmental educational project, unique in Romania, aimed exclusively at children aged between 6 and 12, offering personal development tools and emotional intelligence Through three innovative, specially adapted and adapted disciplines: Filming, Interpretation and Dictation for Children.

6 years after its founding, Little Stars School is proud of a portfolio of 23 short and medium-sized films for children, most of them with educational themes, which have had important participations at European children’s film festivals, the United States, The Middle East, Asia and Australia, as well as more than 50 appearances of children in advertising, social and feature films. The proof of the seriousness and the quality of this project is also given by the selection of the films made by the Little School of Fine Arts “Theme Making Machine” at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015, 2014, 2012, 2011 and 2010, “The Adventures of Little Landscapes in the Park “,” Little Secrets Discover the Secret of the Magnets”,” Little Stars at the School “,” Little Landscapes in the Country “.

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